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Neto started performing when he was 9 years old watching videoclips of Michael Jackson. As a child, he did not miss one episode of Roundhouse, Beakman's World and Castelo Ra-tim-bum. Today, he is an performer, dancer, choreographer and director.


With a MA in Performing Arts at UFBA, Neto was born in the south of Brazil, but has lived in France, Germany and the USA. During 2013/14, he is a former fellow at the Akademie Schloss Solitude Institute. Since 2010, his address is Salvador - Bahia.


Neto has performed in more than 50 Brazilian cities and 10 different countries, including places such as TATE Modern in London, MIT in Boston and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. His works are interested in connecting different audiences, bringing together Contemporary Art and Pop Culture. 


Neto was one of the founders of the art collective Coli Flower Mini World Wide Artistic Community and is one of the coordinators of the Dimenti - creative environment responsible for several projects including the festival IC - Interaction and Connectivity and the feature film Pinta.


Click here and see more of Neto's works.

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